Do you want to ?

  • Exert control over your claims process
  • Retain clients through a satisfying claims process
  • Lower claims costs

Caravan Inspections (NCIS) Ltd is a claims system for the caravan insurance industry

The Benefits to you:

  • Increase customer satisfaction which improves retention and increases referrals
  • Reduce cost per claim
  • Shorter claims time frame
  • Improve communication between insurers and their assessors
  • Effective and efficient claims management
  • Protect your clients and your book

Caravan Inspections (NCIS) Ltd has set up an automated caravan claims management system called “NCIS” (National Caravan Inspection Services) which is an internet-based portal system which allows for seamless and self-policing interaction between an insurance company and their panel of assessors. Insurers can put their own panel of assessors on the NCIS system or they can utilise our current panel of caravan assessors.

This portal system, if used in conjunction with our salvage partner which has recovery, storage and salvage disposal capabilities, offer insurance companies a very cost-effective, end-to-end solution for the outsourced portion of their claim management and as such is attracting tremendous interest throughout the caravan insurance industry. The full capabilities of the NCIS portal system can only be shown through a presentation which we would be very happy to arrange.

“No software to install. Access is via any web browser including mobile web browsers”

Our solution is built on the Salesforce Platform

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